glue genes Documentation#

glue genes is a custom version of the glue software for exploratory data analysis of genomics and transcriptomics data, developed in partnership with The Jackson Laboratory.


glue genes provides all the core features of glue:

  • Interactive, linked statistical graphics

  • A user interface for ‘glueing’ together multiple datasets with complicated relationships

  • A highly scriptable and extendable environment

In addition, glue genes provides:

  • Data loaders for genomics data file formats such as .bed, .bigwig, .h5ad, and .loom

  • Viewers including: 2D Heatmap, Small Multiples, QTL Viewer

  • Menubar plug-ins to facilitate analysis of single-cell transcriptomics data

Documentation Contents#

Getting Started

New to glue genes? Use the getting started guides for help with installation, a brief introduction to glue, and tutorials to get you started.

How-To Guides

Are you looking for help on how to do something specific? The How-To Guides will explain how to perfom specific tasks using glue genes.

User Guide

The user guide provides in-depth information on the key concepts of glue and glue genes with useful background information and explanation about the how data is represented and displayed.

API reference

The API reference contains a description of the main methods and classes in glue genes, along with their parameters. This is most useful for developers and users who wish to interact with glue genes using the built-in terminal.

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